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Empowering Your Real Estate Ventures

Seeking Funding for Your Real Estate Investment Property? You've Found the Right Place! Explore Financing Options Tailored to Investors of All Experience Levels.

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Secure Fast Funding To Beat Your Competitors With Quick, Cash Closings

Higher Funding

Secure Financing for Up to 70% of the ARV (After Repaired Value)

Fast Closing

Finalize the transaction within a mere 3-5 business days!

Low Rates

Hard Money Rates Starting at Just 12-14%

Simple Process

Minimal docs and no income verification


Call to get pre-qualified in just 24 hours


Hard Alpha terms can be negotiated

Hard Alpha Loan Types

Fix and Flip Loans

Fix and flip loans represent short-term, asset-based financing solutions tailored for real estate investors. These loans facilitate the purchase and enhancement of properties with the ultimate goal of selling for a lucrative profit.

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Cash Out Refinance Loans

Through cash-out refinance loan programs, borrowers can extract funds by utilizing as much as 70% of the equity tied to their non-owner occupied real estate assets. This financial tool offers an avenue for unlocking value and potential in your property investments.

Fix-and-Hold Rental Loans

Secure a short-term loan for the purpose of purchasing and enhancing a property. Then arrange for permanent mortgage financing to hold onto the property long-term. This strategic approach allows you to maximize your investment potential and generate consistent rental income over time.

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Understanding Our Simple Process


​Start by submitting a brief online application. We gather basic information about your investment project and financing needs.

Property Evaluation

Unlike traditional lenders, we focus on the potential of the property itself. Our team assesses the property details, condition, and potential after rehabilitation.


Once approved, your capital is swiftly made available. This allows you to seize investment opportunities without delay.

Realize Your Vision

With funding secured, you can confidently proceed with property acquisition, rehabilitation, and resale or refinancing.

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Seeking funding for your next house flip or rental property?

"Hard Alpha Capital made my real estate dreams a reality. Their quick approval and tailored terms were exactly what I needed."


4.9 Stars out of 100+ reviews

Who We Serve

We collaborate with entrepreneurs and investors with all different experience levels.

We will finance residential deals with 1-4 units.

Please reach out to see if your real estate deal is a good fit for us.

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Loan Application

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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